Samsung is on the top of the list of modern imaging innovations in mobile devices and S9 is no exception.

This is the latest offering from the Korean company and this device sits on the top of the flagship list.

There are several noticeable improvements to the cameras in this phone.

Front camera is always for selfies and should not be considered for serious work.

Here are the hilights:

Galaxy S9 Camera Has a Mechanical Aperture

Yes, this is not a joke, you can see the aperture blades move in and out. This is something that has only been seen in stand-alone cameras previously.

There are two aperture settings f2.4 for daylight and f1.5 for low light. Aperture automatically moves between two settings.

If you switch to pro mode, however, you will be able to manually switch between these two aperture.

The S9 can slow your videos down super-slow.

Samsung Galaxy S9 can shoot 960fps for super slow motion effect. The main competitor to S9 apple's flagship iPhone X, only can go to 1080P at 240fps with High efficiency codec enabled.

This is a huge difference in frame rate, from 240 to 960.

Altaf Busal

I am a filmmaker, writer, graphic designer based in New York.

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