Hello, Can you Hear me?

If you are a filmmaker you should better know that how important is Audio for great video.

If the audio is bad and irritating then your great looking video could be ruined.

Today we will try to figure out a way to improve our audio by adding some cool setup to improve it.

Internal microphones are great but often they are too far from the talent and may covered by the hefty case thats why we need external mic to get great audio for your next project.

Things to get you started.

If you want stay frugal and keep some green in your pocket, you already have a great mic in form of your headphones with built in mic which come in the box with all new phones.



First thing you will need is a adapter cable to plug an external mic to you phone since the pin structure is slightly different than on your stereo.

1: Lavalier Microphone

Lavalier microphones are great option. They are small, portable, and cheap if you don't shoot for stars. Lavalier mic come with a clip so you hide under your client's shirt.

If you set it up correctly you are in for great audio for your video. If you are willing to pay little extra you can upgrade to a Wireless Lavalier mic like this one.




2: External Audio Recorders

Next step in great audio options the little handy audio recorders. This option is great for on the go filmmaking, while your talent is far from the camera and is not stationary, with this option your talent could be tuning around and you still can get great audio. Only con with this option is that you will have to mix the audio with video in the post. The most popular handy recorders are listed below.


Altaf Busal

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